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DiaSentry is committed to ensuring that people with diabetes receive high-quality care wherever they live, and that they know what care to expect. We believe every person with diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2, wherever they live in the World, deserves the best treatment and services. Getting all the checks, seeing the right healthcare professionals and understanding diabetes are vital in supporting the best possible self-management.

Type II diabetes is known as a "lifestyle disease" because it is brought on by eating processed foods, junk foods and fast foods. It affects around 371 million people around the world and has become the lifestyle disease of modern times.

The DiaSentry Vision will, most certainly be realized through DiaSentry’s patient education and empowerment Programs and each patient’s understanding, acceptance, embracement of a highly motivated – life long compliance to a currently available, proven, effective, cost effective treatment and long term disease control alternative – namely the Ambulatory Reversal Program ©® as developed, over a decade, and implemented on behalf of thousands of patients by Dr. Pedro J. Martinez, Owner and Medical Director of Hope Diabetes Center.   

DiaSentry was launched in 2011, because of a clear present and steadily increasing/urgent need for strong, timely and continuing advocacy for significant changes in treatment options and proven, viable and available treatment alternatives for diabetes and “pre-diabetes victims. Diabetes Wellness Clinic of America launched and supported DiaSentry in long overdue response to the clear, present and critical need to establish a clear, informed and firmly committed educational / informational source and passionate voice related to strong advocacy on behalf of millions of currently diagnosed and future diabetics and “pre-diabetics” in America, as well as the families, friends, health care providers, private insurers, taxpayers and employers who, in the final analysis, care for, treat, maintain and finance medical care/treatment, medication/devices and treatment of related complications for diabetes victims.

The primary and priority focus of DiaSentry was then, and continues to be to support continued research and continued development and implementation of highly effective clinical models and treatment modalities/protocols which facilitate and accelerate the cost effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment, control, reduction and eventual eradication of diabetes throughout America and, indeed, the world.     

If you suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes, you cannot afford to ignore the truth about how to stop this dangerous degenerative disease. Diabetes can kill you ... if you let it.

But the good news is you don't have to let that happen. And you don't have to fear blindness, heart disease, chronic wounds that won't heal, or even amputation. And you definitely don't have to rely on expensive, dangerous drugs that don't work! You can reverse your diabetes.
  • The Ambulatory Reversal Program [ARP] is the most cost effective non-residential [out-patient], functional lifestyle and medical protocol program of its kind.
  • Helps to target the root of the problems, not just the numbers.
  • It is a broad base, scientifically sounded, evidence based, clinically tested, affordable, comprehensive and easy to follow medical protocol
  • Helps to eliminate in a safe and timely fashion, unnecessary drugs
  • Facilitate the transition from a live-in [Residential] to the “real life”
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Enhances the replication, preservation, and regeneration [neogenesis] of the beta cell
  • Naturally control the appetite, facilitating a significant amount of weight loss
  • Reduce or eliminate the insulin resistance
  • Is fast (Glycemic Control,Weight Control), fun, motivating with a high degree of compliance
  • Simple and Affordable
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Always full and Satisfie
  • Helps patient to feel free of counting calories
  • Eliminate Craving and food addiction

It is not uncommon for obese or overweight individuals to find their fasting blood glucose to be elevated.

A recent survey of Duke Diet & Fitness Center clients found that about 21 percent have diabetes (fasting blood glucose over 110 mg/dl on two different occasions), and 30 percent have pre-diabetes or increased risk of diabetes (fasting blood glucose between 100 and 125 mg/dl).

Between one third and one half of pre-diabetics will develop type 2 diabetes within five to ten years.

The good news is that the The Ambulatory Reversal Program, a major multicenter clinical research study, showed that people with pre-diabetes can reduce their risk for developing diabetes by following the ARP protocol. They will return their blood glucose to normal range.

Benefits of our protocol:
  • Stage Two Remession (Complete) and Three Remession (Reversal).
  • We will help reduce or eliminate your diabetic medications - permanently - including insulin!
  • We will help return your metabolic levels such as A1C levels to NORMAL within 90 days!
  • You will be able to personally measure the improvement in your health and the increased quality of your life within 21 days!
  • We personally guarantee it!
"We have given thousand of diabetics their lives back over the last eleven years."

The First Ambulatory Reversal Program [ARP] National Diabetes Trail consortium dedicated to advancing the clinical and science protocol of Hope Diabetes Center, the reversing and prevention and early treatment of Type II diabetes and pre-diabetes.

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